An Insider’s Guide To Scoring Your Next Coaching Job

“When the right job opened up for me, I looked for the best support person I could find to make sure I would get an interview. Chris was able to help me organize my resume and supported me in producing an infographic that got my foot in the door. Thanks Chris, I am now the new Head Football Coach at Central Washington University.”            – Ian Shoemaker

“ I can say with confidence that Coach Fore had a huge part in my recent hire at Monrovia HS. He not only helped me revamp my resume, but gave it that ‘pop’ that most resumes do not have.  Coach Fore comes with my highest recommendation for any coach at any level looking to give their professional resume a face lift. If you want that edge going to your next interview, then contact Coach Chris Fore and allow him help you get that next job.”               – Chris A. Stevens, Head Football Coach, Monrovia High School, Monrovia, CA

Coach Fore has put together a manual of more than 1oo pages to help YOU land that next coaching gig of your dreams.  He uses his experience as an Athletic Director and Head Football Coach to weave together a great plan as you pursue the next job in the coaching world.  (Although written specifically for coaches, the principals of this manual apply to most job searches.)

You can purchase the PDF version ($9) which can be downloadable right from your receipt or the paperback one here.

“As a career assistant coach, it is normal to think you can do a better job by making changes.  This book provides a great guide to help take that next step successfully.  Combining this information with the Outside the Lines Manual and the Santiago Road Map also offered by Eight Laces, I feel very confident that I have a better understanding and that I am better prepared to be effective in that role.”  —  Coach Tom Sousa

 Chris is a Certified Athletic Administrator, has his Masters degree in Athletic Administration and has helped to increase League Championships through building and rebuilding two different athletic programs at the high school level.  Every year that he has been an Athletic Director, his school won more League Championships than the previous year!  Fore credits this to outstanding head coaches who he has hired to bring dynamite changes to programs that needed it.  He has hired more than 25 head coaches, and more than 50 assistant coaches as both an A.D. and Head Football Coach.  He helps coaches with their job search process on a daily basis.  He counts four former NFL players and one NCAA Division 2 Head Football Coach among his clients.  This manual has been put together through ALL of this experience to help you in this process!

“Wanted to give a S/O to @CoachFore. Big help already for a new guy looking for job advice. Much appreciated.”   – Coach Stealth

“Coach Fore is a great resource for coaches. I was very appreciative of the fact that I could reach out to an outside party to evaluate my resume and portfolio. His knowledge of not only the profession but also his experience and background on both sides of the hiring process is hard to find. I knew that any suggestions and comments from Coach Fore were grounded in experience and would serve me well in my career.”   – Pete DeWeese, Defensive Coordinator/LB’s, Milton High School (GA)

“Your site and resume service has been invaluable to me in preparation of this interview. Also, your recommendation of the Coaching Portfolio service was HUGE! Thanks again!”  Scott Monson

“A good friend of mine told me you were the best in the business at preparing a presentation packet for Head Coaching Jobs. Please give me a call.”   – Coach Reed, Missouri
“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with me. We had school cancelled today because of ice, and I’ve been updating all of my personal information in hopes of landing that first HC job. Your wisdom and insight are truly appreciated.”  – Coach Mach, Texas



The fourteen chapters of this book are:

  1. So You Want To Leave? Now What?
  2. Where and How To Look For A Job
  3. Hiring Coaches: One Of The Best Parts About Being An Athletic Director
  4. I Want That Job: What Should I Send Them?  5 Keys To Reaching Out
  5. 5 Keys To Writing An Athletic Cover Letter
  6. 4 Pieces Of Advice About Your Resume
  7. 6 Things An Athletic Director Looks For On Your Resume
  8. Your Letter of Recommendations Quiver
  9. How To Know If You Are In A Sham Interview
  10. Interview Questions To Expect
  11. How To Shock The Interview Panel – Preparing Yourself For The Big Day
  12. 10 Interview Suggestions From A Former Superintendent
  13. 10 Things To Consider Before Taking A New Job
  14. 99 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Your Perspective School

The 3 BONUS chapters are: 3 Tips To Get Along Great With Your Athletic Director

A To Do List During Your First 30 Days As A Head Coach

Don’t Take A Coaching Job Like This: One Coach’s Experience