29 Resume Mistakes Every Coach Makes and How To Avoid Them




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How great do you feel about your resume?

The purpose of a resume is to get YOU in to the interview room.  Is it working?  Are you getting every interview you want?  Or are you not hearing back?

Are you not hearing back because your resume isn’t very good?  Avoid the common pitfalls and traps that many coaches make on their resumes with this FREE course. 

Chris Fore of Eight Laces Consulting has been consulting coaches on the job search process since 2012.  His expertise in this area has helped many coaches at both the high school and college levels land positions they had previsouly been denied interviews for.  He has been hired by NCAA Division 1 basketball coaches, Candian Football League coaches, high school football coaches, NCAA coaches, and has represented clients in just about every sport known to man!

“When the right job opened up for me, I looked for the best support person I could find to make sure I would get an interview. Chris was able to help me organize my resume and supported me in producing an infographic that got my foot in the door. Thanks Chris!”  – Ian Shoemaker, Head Football Coach, Central Washington University

“Thanks to your advice and help in creating my resume, I’ve been hired as the Head Girls Basketball Coachat Westmont (IL) HS in suburban Chicago.   It took only 35 days from when you finalized my resume until the School Board approved my hiring!  Specifically, here’s why I know you played an important role in helping my resume get to the “top of the pile”: I had absolutely NO connection to anyone on the Search Committee.  Thanks again!”  – Jeff Pearson

Coach Fore shares many of his secrets to developing a dynamite resume in this FREE course. 

Nobody in American knows more about coaching-specific resumes than Chris Fore.  Nobody has written more coach specific resumes than he has.  Take advantage of his education, background and real world experience in the resume business to help yourself build a dynamite, eye-catching resume.

This course explains in detail how to navigate the most common errors on a resume, and how to avoid making those errors so that you can get into the interview room of your choice.

Here is a sample Chapter.