154 GAMES . . . 13 SEASONS . . . 440 PUNTS . . . 3 BLOCKED . . . . 1 RETURNED FOR TD

“The Shield punt clinic is a must have for any team using it. The depth of information alongside the film cut ups has helped our staff to evaluate our shield punt and make the necessary changes to improve it. This e Clinic will help you organize your punt team even if you don’t use the shield punt as well.”

– Lamont Butler, Defensive Coordinator, Trinity International University, NAIA

“This e Clinic not only went over the scheme, but gave the drills and skills needed to implement the Shield Punt. As a coach, that’s what I’m really looking for- not the X and O but the install plan for it. Coach Fore was able to give me a plan for improving one of the most neglected parts of football (Special Teams) and in my opinion the most important part of Special Teams, the punt.”

– Jaron Cohen, Head Football Coach, Ponderosa HS, Parker, CO

 “The Shield Punt E-Clinic was fantastic. It provided very detailed information on the very popular and successful Shield Punt. It contained plenty of videos to support the written information. It was easy to follow and very useful. I would recommend to any coach.  Coach Fore could easily charge far more of the information that is provided. Well Worth it!”                                                                

Matthew McDonnell, Defensive Coordinator, Black River Falls High School, Wisconsin

“The Shield Punt E-Clinic has enriched our knowledge in the punting game. Although special teams are a vital part of the game, it is often seen by players and coaches as an afterthought. With the Shield Punt E-Clinic, you now have a complete playbook just for the punting game. It clearly defines the personnel needed for each position, blocking techniques, as well as stances. It is all laid out for easy coaching with install and daily practice schedules. Now we look at special teams the same way we look at offense and defense.”  

– Frank Coston, Head Football Coach, George Wythe High School, Richmond, VA

“I have used the shield punt for 8 years. We have ranked at the top nationally in net punting and punt return defense. Even with that success, I gained knowledge, ideas, and organizational skills from this e Clinic. Thanks for putting it out there for us!”                                                                    

 – Clay Beason, Ed.D., CSCS, Assistant Football Coach, Harding University

144 GAMES . . . 13 SEASONS . . . 396 PUNTS . . . 3 BLOCKED . . . . 1 RETURNED FOR TD

The stats speak for themselves! (Stats from my own career using the Shield Punt!)

Coach Fore has been using the Shield Punt since 2002, before it became THE most popular punt used in college and high school football today.

He has designed the Shield Punt Manual and the Shield Punt E Clinic.

These two resources are perfect for the coach who is either looking to perfect their own Shield Punt or thinking about installing this great punt system.

Both the Manual and e Clinic have the same information. Which one to purchase just depends on how you like to receive information, and learn.

The Shield Punt Manual is for the coach who simply wants a downloadable PDF document.

The Shield Punt e Clinic is for the coach who wants to easily watch the 28 instructional videos and see the many pictures and slides right on a members only website.

Coach Fore, a veteran Head Football Coach and Athletic Director from Southern California, has has helped coaches around the nation at both the high school and collegiate level to install the Shield Punt.  He helped an NAIA team move from #65 in the nation to #2 in just one year by installing the Shield Punt!

Just during the 2013 season alone, he helped seven programs install the Shield Punt.

X and O Labs did a great job with a feature on the Shield Punt last spring.  I was quoted in that article you can read here.

This E Clinic walks you through everything you need to know to install the Shield Punt!  I even give you practice plans for the first 5 practices as you install it!

The Shield Punt e Clinic features 19 chapters, practice plans for your first 5 days of installation, 28 instruction videos (30-65 seconds each), power point slides, pictures, 10 fakes, and much, much more!!!



The Shield Punt Manual and e Clinic features the following topics:


Why I Started Using It

Advantages of the Shield Punt

Disadvantages of the Shield Punt



Coaching Assignments

Alignment – Where They Line Up


The Huddle

Snapping The Football

After The Snap – The First Step

The Second Step

The Third Step

Covering The Kick

The First Practice

The Second Practice

The Third Practice

The Fourth Practice

The Fifth Practice


Weekly Practice Schedule

Fakes – 10 great fake Shield Punts

Free Section of Videos (not included in the manual) offers three levels of memberships providing exclusive access!

BRONZE – Unlimited access to the Shield Punt E Clinic

SILVER – Get two full hours of one on one clinic time with Coach Fore via Skype (or phone) to discuss the Shield Punt, installation, problem solving, etc.

GOLD – Coach Fore will apply his experience and knowledge of the Shield Punt to your football program during the 2014 season.  Simply send him your game film each week for fine tuning and perfecting. He will communicate with you about the good, the bad, and the ugly with a written report after each game.