Eight Laces Consulting’s Coach Finder

Are you in search of a job change but need exposure to help you find that next opportunity? Looking for that first coaching job?

Are you a school in need of a new coach?

Eight Laces Consulting is proud to announce its new “Coach Finder,” resource launching during the Fall 2019 hiring season.

Chris Fore has built a strong reputation as a consultant since 2012. He helps coaches to rebrand themselves through his unique resume development process. He helps schools to find both Assistant and Head Coaches. Schools from the high school to NCAA Division 2 levels have reached out to Fore to help fill their vacancies.

Coach Finder is a no brainer!

Coaches needing exposure

The process is simple.

Coaches looking for more exposure pay a small fee for Chris Fore to set up a profile page to include: 1. Resume 2. Biography 3. Letter of Introduction 4. Up to five Letters of Recommendation 5. Certifications 6. Salary needs and more! Read testimonials about Fore’s work in this space.

You won’t find another place online for coaches to build this type of one page profile which allows you many attachments to best market your services unless you invest in building your own website, which we do recommend if you know how to do it.

You might be concerned about your current employer seeing your profile page. Understood. Be assured that only certifiable employers, Head Coaches and or Administrators will have access to the Coach Finder profile pages. Your profile is not publicly visible. Profiles are only visible to registered Head Coaches and Administrators, which might include your supervisor. Suggestion is to let them know your profile exists. Want a private profile? Email us about this possibility.

Start the process now by placing your order here.

Not happy with your resume? Read about our resume development process.

Schools Who Need To Hire A Coach

Step 1 – Place your FREE order here

Step 2- You will receive an email which will direct you to fill out a short form to prove that you’re a Head Coach or Administrator looking for a new coach. You will prove this by submitting your business card, and or receiving a phone call at your school.

Step 3 – We will grant you FREE access to our National database of coaches.

Need a Head Coach? Use Eight Laces Consulting As Your Search Firm

Looking for more specialized help in securing a new Coach? Contact Chris Fore by email to discuss the investment in using Eight Laces Consulting as your search firm.

Read about why you should use a search firm like Eight Laces.