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Coach Fore wrote this book to help YOU land that next coaching gig of your dreams.  

He uses his experience as an Athletic Director and Head Football Coach to weave together a great plan as you pursue the next job in the coaching world.  This book will help coaches in all different sports, not just football.


This hard copy book gets mailed out to you First Class.  Order the PDF version here.

The fourteen chapters of this book are:

  1. So You Want To Leave? Now What?
  2. Where and How To Look For A Job
  3. Hiring Coaches: One Of The Best Parts About Being An Athletic Director
  4. I Want That Job: What Should I Send Them?  5 Keys To Reaching Out
  5. 5 Keys To Writing An Athletic Cover Letter
  6. 4 Pieces Of Advice About Your Resume
  7. 6 Things An Athletic Director Looks For On Your Resume
  8. Your Letter of Recommendations Quiver
  9. How To Know If You Are In A Sham Interview
  10. Interview Questions To Expect
  11. How To Shock The Interview Panel – Preparing Yourself For The Big Day
  12. 10 Interview Suggestions From A Former Superintendent
  13. 10 Things To Consider Before Taking A New Job
  14. 99 Questions To Ask To Get To Know Your Perspective School

The 3 BONUS chapters are:

3 Tips To Get Along Great With Your Athletic Director, A To Do List During Your First 30 Days As A Head Coach and Don’t Take A Coaching Job Like This: One Coach’s Experience