Cover Letter

Does writing a cover letter intimidate you?

Are you unsure of where to start?  How to finish?  What to focus on?

What not to say?  The magic buzzwords to make sure they flip the page to read your resume?

Many coaches don’t understand that the cover letter is more important than the resume in many different job searches.  If you fail to produce a strong cover letter, it really doesn’t matter WHAT is on your resume, it might not ever be read!


You have two options here: A.  I will write a cover letter for you for a SPECIFIC job that you’re going after.  Or B.  I will fashion a general cover letter for you that you can just change a few things to personalize it for the school you are sending it to.

The process: once I receive your cover letter order, I will contact you by email to request your resume, and the job you are aiming for.  If you select option A, I will write the letter directly towards that job flyer.  If option B, I will write it for what kind of job you are searching for.

Custom cover letters are $49.

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Don’t want to invest $49?

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