Kick Return Game Clinic Powerpoint

Kick Return Game Clinic Powerpoint





This powerpoint is from my Glazier Clinic talk about the Kick Return game.

It is titled Man vs. Zone Schemes: Stealing Yards Any Way You Can!

This powerpoint features 60 slides worth of information.  It also comes with the clinic handout.  So, print out the handout, and study your way through the clinic to sharpen up your Return Game.

Topics included in this power point are:

Kick Return Considerations – facility, huddle

4 Things To Consider Regarding Kickoff Team Personnel

4 Points About The Ball – considerations to make depending on ball placement

Creating A Land Chart – Creating A Tackle Chart

7 Considerations of the Kickoff Scheme

4 Considerations vs. Onside Kick and Squib

5 Things You Can’t Consider Until Game Day

Sample of a Throwback Kick Return (no video)

Sample of a Middle Kick Return (no video)

3 Kick Return Samples – left hash man, right hash man, left return 50% man, 50% zone

7 Considerations of the Punt Scheme

8 Things To Consider Regarding Punt Team Personnel 

6 Points About The Ball Placement for the Punt Team

6 Considerations For A Fake Punt

Charting The Punter – real diagrams from real games

5 Sample Punt Returns – return right vs. Pro, block vs. Pro, Middle Return vs. Shield, Sideline Right vs. Double Wing, Return Right vs. Shield with Gunners


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“I wanted to thank you again for the insight you provided in your clinic on Saturday. I learned quite a bit from your breakdown of special teams.”
Chris Casillas, Head Coach, Thousand Oaks High School Football


“Not for nothin’, but we’ve been doing the Shield Punt based on your eClinic for the last four years here at Cedar Grove. Last year, in 15 games, we gave up 3 yards TOTAL on punt return, went 14-1, and won a state championship. We gave up a five yards return on a wobbly, short kick in the title game or it would’ve been negative yards for the year. To say we’ve enjoyed the hell out of your eClinic would be a massive understatement.”
– Coach Martin, Cedar Grove HS, Ellenwood, GA