Resume Development

98% of coaches make the same TWO mistakes on their resume that are keeping them from moving to the top of the stack.

Are you making these same mistakes on YOUR resume?

Your coaching resume can’t look like your professional resume! Most coaches don’t understand this, and they don’t understand why they aren’t making it to the interview stage.

“Coach Fore, Thank you so much for helping me with my resume. It has turned my pursuit of my first head football coaching job into reality. My resume in terms of appeal and effectiveness is second to none compared to my resume prior to using your services. I live in Texas and after 4 years of searching for my first Head Football Coaching position and coming close after one year of using your resume service I have landed my first head coaching job! Your services are so good that my wife will soon be reaching out to get help. She is currently a first year principal and aiming to be a superintendent and we believe that Coach Fore will get her their with his program. I don’t have words that can explain how much your services have changed the playing field.”

– Jason Brock, Texas, 2019

If the job you’re wanting is doing a “paper hire” (one from paper, not word of mouth) then I can help you craft an eye catching resume that will get you from the hands of the Athletic Director or Hiring Committee in to the INTERVIEW pile instead of the NO pile.

How do I do this? By creating a resume using a dynamic formula that 98% of coaches have never thought of!

There are 4 options for you to purchase this Custom Athletic Resume Creation.

4. Championship Package – Resume ($225), cover letter ($49), mock interview ($179) and 2 manuals ($28)! A $481 investment for just $399.

And, previous clients who need assistance with updating resumes, go here.

Are you looking for a less expensive investment with the same Chris Fore/Eight Laces resume production? I have built a video on demand resource just for you!

An Insider’s Guide to Resume Building provides almost SIX hours of video instruction plus many added benefits for the low price of just $97! Go here to read more about this tremendous resource/ for coaches to follow my EXACT process for making resumes great! Do it yourself, save money! Never spend another time on a resume service again while maintaining the confidence that your resume has that Eight Laces touch!

7 Day Resume Building Process

Day 1 – We receive order, and contact you.

Day 2 – You send us your current resume.

Day 3 – You get the first round draft back, we discuss the next steps that we use via a phone call.

Day 4-6 – You gather the needed information to complete the resume and send that to us.

Day 7 – You get your finalized resume.