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Think about your favorite locker.

My locker was pretty clean most of the time. That’s just how I am: a neat freak.  But my players’ lockers?  Most lockers out there are filled with all kinds of things!

Pair of cleats, old pair of cleats, 13 socks, an old ball glove, a few balls, seeds spilt all over, 3 water bottles, a belt . . . . . . . and the list goes on right?!

Just like most lockers are filled with things that you may or may not need everyday, this podcast will focus on a variety of topics meant for most coaches most of the time.  Obviously, a girls volleyball coach in Tennessee probably won’t want to hear much about the 6 Commandments of Your Kick Return Team!

We won’t spend much time on xs and os.  Not much time at all on defensive or offensive x and os!  There are some great guys in that business now.  Check out Joe Daniel for starters.  He started a podcast before podcasts were cool!  The Football Coaching Podcast is one of my favorites!

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