The Head Coach Blueprint (online version)

The Head Coach Blueprint (online version)


Fore’s fourth book covers every single thing a future Head Coach needs to know. From crafting a resume to portfolio building to interviewing with a panel vs. on zoom, to what to do when you know you are leaving, he leaves no stone unturned in this epic 500+ page book every coach in America needs to buy!



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Chris Fore has conducted extensive surveys, engaging with nearly 500 high school and college coaches, all of whom share your journey, to illuminate their trajectory toward becoming a Head Coach. This enlightening book unveils their well-kept strategies and demystifies the intricate job search process, fresh from the eyes of a former Athletic Director and current Principal.

In the arena of athletic coaching, none have matched the comprehensive work accomplished by Fore in the realm of career counseling and consultancy. As a distinguished authority, he specializes in crafting resumes tailored for coaches like you, a fact evidenced by his frequent collaboration with schools and districts to fill Head Coaching vacancies through his esteemed enterprise, Eight Laces Consulting.

This is Fore’s fourth literary endeavor. The Head Coach Blueprint promises to be a treasure trove of fifty chapters replete with invaluable insights. This book will be your definitive playbook, guiding you through pivotal career decisions, fostering resume excellence, providing interviewing skills, and much, much more to help coaches avoid pitfalls and failures that many other coaches have fallen prey to.