Expert Witness

Chris Fore is a sports risk management expert.  He has been called upon to give expert advice and opinion regarding:  heat illness related to exertion at practice, hazing, concussion management and protocols, athletic equipment issues, personal injury liability in athletics and more.  

Fore has a Masters degree in Athletic Administration and is a Certified Athletic Administrator with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrator’s Association.  He is a published author and national consultant to coaches at the high school and college levels.  Fore has his California Special Education Teaching Credential as well as the Administrative Services Credential.  He is also an adjunct faculty member at Azusa Pacific University in the Graduate Physical Education program, and most recently coached Junior College football (2017 season) after spending sixteen years as a high school football coach.  He spent six years as an Athletic Director, and currently serves as an Assistant Principal overseeing athletics as part of his duty.

In July 2016, Fore gave his expert opinion about a football injury in Los Angeles, California that happened during a 7 on 7 game in which one team was wearing soft “helmets” and one team was not.  The parents of the injured student sued several schools, and coaches.  The case ended in a Summary Judgement on behalf of the defendants for whom Fore opined, in part because of Fore’s expert testimony, saving the schools involved millions of dollars.

Like any fair and appropriate expert witness, he has been on the “other side of the table” where he supported the cause of injured student-athletes against school districts, helping plaintiffs to be compensated for their injury claims, medical expenses, etc.  In fact, in thirteen cases that Fore has worked, seven of them have been on the side of the plaintiff (six student-athletes and one football official); the other six were on the side of a school district.

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He has received concussion training certifications with: National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (IMPACT), and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).  He serves as the California Coaches Association President, and served for four years on the Southern California Football Coaches Association Board.

Fore is available to provide expert witness testimony in the following areas: athletics, athletics risk management, athletic facility risk management, coaching, athletic human resources, concussions, helmet safety, player safety guidelines, athletic equipment, athletic equipment risk assessment, coaching employment, playing surface, etc. etc.

Please email Chris at chris@eightlaces dot org for his CV, fee schedule, and or further information regarding expert witness availability.

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Current Cases (updated January 2020)

Football wrongful death – Trial testimony; approximately 11 hours on the stand (January 2020)

Football concussion injury – (Federal case) Provided written declaration for plaintiff

Football concussion injury – Retained, started research for plaintiff

Cheer Concussion injury – Trial scheduled for Spring 2020

Matters Settled

Football concussion injury – Deposition Spring 2019 (Settled January 2020)

Junior College Golf concussion injury – Provided written declaration for plaintiff (Settled Summer 2019)

Hazing/personal injury –  Provided deposition for plaintiffs (Settled 1/2019)

Personal injury – Provided a written declaration and deposition for plaintiff  (Settled 12/2018)

Wrongful death – Settled before deposition; provided expert advice  (Settled 8/2018)

Water Polo Concussion injury -Provided a written declaration and deposition for defendant (Settled 2/2018)

Football Concussion injury – Provided deposition (Settled 11/2017)

California Interscholastic Federation policies/procedures – Provided expert opinion (Settled 3/2017)

Football Concussion injury – Provided written declaration (Summary judgement motion Fall 2016)

Fore testified in Oakland, CA in January of 2020; he was on the stand for just over 11 hours over a period of 3 days.