Outside the Lines: Athletic Director Edition

Are you an Athletic Director or aspiring Athletic Director?

This manual has been created JUST FOR YOU! Why waste your precious time and energy creating documents, forms, surveys, interviews, etc. when it has already been done? This manual has been created over the course of the last six years by an Athletic Director in the seat, doing the work day in and day out.

Only $19 for a zip drive emailed right to you!

Coach Fore has compiled the very popular OUTSIDE THE LINES MANUAL for football coaches. Hundreds of coaches across the nation have purchased the OLM Football Manual to make their life easier. Many of them have been asking about an Athletic Director Manual just like it!


There are 10 sections + 1 bonus section. The ten sections are: Awards, Boosters, Coaches, Equipment, Transportation, History, Misc. Forms, Rosters, Game Management, and Budget.

Here is the BEST THING ABOUT THIS MANUAL: You get a zip drive emailed directly to you upon your payment that delivers all documents which you can edit RIGHT AWAY, and start using today! That’s right, just insert your name and your school, print or email and bam, you are in business! These are word and excel files that you get to use as soon as you download them!