Fore will survey your team, and or the stakeholders in your community about the current status of your team, or athletic program.  This is done through an online survey format.  The questions used will come from a collaboration between you and Fore.  Next, Fore evaluates the results to produce a report with the findings to you.


Fore has been an Athletic Director in Southern California for six years.  In EACH of those years, the athletic program won MORE League Championships than the year before.  At one school that won just 3 League Championships in 10 years before Fore, he helped to produce SIX Championships in his first year as the Athletic Director.  The kids didn’t change, the league didn’t change, the school didn’t change.  The Athletic Director changed!  And he brought about significant change, all of which started with survey this stakeholders.

There is NO better way to evaluate the state of your current program than by surveying your players.  It is best to do this survey as close to the end of the season as possible, while everything is still fresh in their minds.

Read more about the process here.