Hello Coach Fore.
I've got to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your course, and I've definitely making some of those 29 mistakes. I feel pretty good about my body of work on this revamped resume I have attached to this email.

Again, I can't say you thank you enough for what you do for the coaching profession, and thank you for giving my resume a look.


- Coach Will

CoachFore just wanted to say thank you. Since you looked over my resume, I have had 2 head coaching offers.

- Joe Hernandez

Highly recommended this. Coach Fore has done the research/work to help coaches progress in the profession.

- Nick Karavedas

A college coach from illinois just purchased my manual about the job search process for under $4. What it includes is priceless!

- Chris Fore

Hey Coach,
Just wanted to reach back out to you about the resume. So far I have gotten calls for three interviews for jobs this upcoming fall. I used the information you provided me and was able to apply and add more of my teaching information along with the coaching information.

In my first interview I received a compliment on the resume - my next two interviews are this Friday.

I definitely feel that resume is a big reason that I am getting these resumes this year.

Thanks again or working with me, it already is paying off for me.

- David Villegas

Just wanted to say thanks again for the help. Last year applied for almost 20 out of state jobs and heard nothing. I applied to 2 this year and have had 2 interviews (didn't get the first one, have the second one today). Keep up the good work.

- Jim Delaney

I've been a position coach at two private boarding schools since graduating college in 2011. My former Head Coach came to my school from an FBS school as a position coach and told me about someone that professionalized this resume. I started googling services that specialized in resumes for football coaches, and I found Chris Fore's Eight Laces Consylting Agency. I purchased two cover letter templates which lead me to purchase the resume development option. Chris did a complete remodel of my resume, returned it back to me within a week (despite it being the Christmas/ New Year holidays), and offered an audio recording that explained the things that ADs, college coaches, or hiring committees are looking for on a resume.

Since using the re-worked resume, I have had two interviews for head coaching jobs, I did not get the first opening due to the Head Coach deciding to return to the program but speaking with the AD he said I would have been offered the position. For the second head coaching job, I was offered the job but turned it down because there was uncertainty in how long they would be staying in 8-man football. I am now a Defensive Quality Control at an FCS school and have been enjoying it every day. I am hoping this starts my career into the collegiate game, and I have to think that this opportunity would not be available if I did not use Chris Fore's service.

- Lawrence Robinson

Just wanted to let you know, using your resume and cover letter formats, I was just hired as LB Coach at Anderson University (Anderson, IN)! I've written dozens of resumes with very limited success over the years. In fact, including the one you put your professional touch on, this is the 6th time I have submitted an application to AU!! This is way my dream position, and I am very thankful for your assistance. You displayed a professional and timely manner in all aspects of the resume production process and your pride in your craftsmanship will assure other client of getting their desired coaching job. Thanks for a great product!"

- Tony Bowman, Linebackers Coach-Anderson University

Not for nothing but we've been doing the Shield Punt based on your eClinic for the last four years here at Cedar Grove Last Year, in 15 games, we gave up 3 yards TOTAL on put return, went 14-1, and won a state championship. We gave up a five yards return on a wobbly, short kick in the title game or it would've been negative yards for the year. To say we've enjoyed the hell out of your eClinic would be a massive understatement.


- Coach Martin

I was skeptical about Chris Fore and his resume service, as there are so many out there that claim to be the best. However, Coach Fore did an amazing job and truly lives up to what he offers. Coaching isn't like another profession and to have someone that has years of experience in coaching and in administration is a great leg up in the industry. I have had athletic directors be impressed by my resume and been tools "how refreshing it is to see a resume that tells a story, not just a list of tasks."

- Jordon Meyer

Coach Fore-
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me re-develop my resume. Your notes were thought provoking and the resume looks fantastic. While I plan on continuing in my role as an assistant for at least another season, I feel much more confident in my resume and what it communicates. Please add me to the list of reference if anyone ever needs a reference on your services. Take care & GOD Bless.

- Kyle McElvany

Just wanted to thank you for your help in my prep for the SOU job. I've made the full transition last week. We start spring ball tomorrow morning. I'm pretty lucky to move less than 1 min from my old office. The new challenge has really invigorated me.
Take care,

- Charlie Hall

Coach Fore does an outstanding job and is excellent at helping re-craft your resume.

He will help you showcase your achievements and skills to prospective employers.

I would highly recommend his services for coaches updating their resume or preparing to interview.

A real class act with a tremendous knowledge to share.

- Joe D'Agostino

Hey Chris, I had two job offers-one for a 4A school (highest class in Washington ) and one for a 3A school - Stanwood High School. As you can see below, I took the Stanwood job and really excited to lead this group of young men.

I wanted to thank you for your advice and all of the help. The mock interview and feedback was easily the single best piece of input I received anywhere. I also want to thank you for being 100% honest and focusing on improving rather than tell me all of my answers were good. I needed to work on a few things and your help was greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

- Jeff Scoma

Chris thank you for the assistance with developing my resume. After being an assistant coach for 14 seasons, I decided it was time to take on a new coaching role with more autonomy which was a better opportunity for myself. I am now the Offensive Coordinator at Attleboro High School, Chris, your resume design helped me stick out and get an interview for a position over a 30 candidates applied for. I look forward to reaching out again in the future for development when applying for a head coaching position.

Thanks for your support,

- Anthony Pirri