Outside The Lines Football Edition

“This manual is everything I was looking for, and them some. Coach Fore’s manual contains literally everything you will need to run a successful football program, and lead your student-athletes to success.You can literally name pretty much any type of document, and it is likely in this manual. Best money ever spent.”

– George Harvey, Florida

Coach Fore created this dynamite coaching manual which includes more than 100 pages of the administrative and organizational essentials for every coach to use. Head coaches and future head coaches specifically will garner the most from this manual.

He titled it the “Outside The Lines Manual” because it is more about the off the field administrative details of the job than the x’s and o’s of the game. It’s all about the things “outside of the lines” which have a dramatic effect on the what happens between the lines!

Are you a coach who is very strong with your “between the lines” knowledge and ability yet struggle with having the time and desire to organize and effectively communicate the little things to your players, parents, boosters, etc.? Or do you just want to see what someone else is doing in many aspects of organizational management?

Chris has purchased manuals like this before from coaches at clinics. The bad part about that is you have to still go and type out anything you want to use from that manual. With the Outside The Lines Manual, we give you the originals with every document on it so that you have a digital copy that you can edit and personalize for your program! THE FRAMEWORK IS ALL DONE FOR YOU. Just add your logo, information, player’s names, etc.

Chris has been a Head Coach for 8 years. This manual has been created over hundreds of hours over the last 8 years.

The OTL Manual has been purchased by over 1,000 coaches from all over the nation JUST LIKE YOU to save them precious time and energy! Why waste your time creating documents that are already done?

What’s Included

Personnel Section

Stats Section

Scheduling Section

Recruiting Section

Postseason Section

Boosters Section

Misc Section

Game Management Section

Equipment Section