125 Things I Wish My Parents Knew

125 Things I Wish My Parents Knew, But I’m Too Scared To Tell Them

For the price of a Starbucks drink, come get inside the mind of a teenager! What makes them tick? What concerns do they have about their present life? Their future? Sex? Drugs? Education? What are kids afraid of YOU, the parents, the coaches, the teachers finding out?

I’ve heard such horror stories over the last 20 years of working with teenagers!

Let’s face it, raising teenagers is DIFFICULT! Maybe understanding them just a bit more, from a different point of view, will help you to reach them better right where they are at.

You will be SHOCKED to read some of these answers. You will be SADDENED to read some of these answers. I hope this piece helps parents build bridges with their kids.

Chris Fore has worked with teenagers since 1995. Many times throughout his career in education, Fore has surveyed the student body on campus. These surveys are completely anonymous. He then shares the results of the surveys with the parents on campus in a seminar he calls TEENAGERS 101.

This document answers the prompt “WHAT I WISH MY PARENTS KNEW BUT I’M TOO SCARED TO TELL THEM.” Fore waded through 1000s of answers from the last 20 years to present 125 of the most common answers from teenagers to this very real question.

This PDF booklet comes to you directly in an emailed receipt immediately after payment. Read it on any device!

This document is for the parents, coaches and teachers of teenagers, or pre teens.