This manual features 28 kick/punt returns, and 7 punt blocks.  It comes emailed directly to you upon payment in two formats: a 106 page PDF document, and a Power Point ready to teach to your team the returns you want to put in.

Also included is a play card for each return/block to help make this the most user friendly Special Teams Manual on the market!  Simply print it out, fill in your player’s numbers right on the card, and take it to practice; it’s that SIMPLE to install any of these returns!




“This is really good stuff. I definitely think that coaches would be interested in having this.  Just don’t sell it to any of my competitors!– T. Williams, Football Coach

“We have always ran the same old vanilla zone returns and this manual will help change things up a little and also give me some ideas since this is my first year.” – J. Graham

“I think there are many coaches that would be interested in a manual like this. Especially new head coaches or new special teams coordinators at a high school. It also could be valuable as a supplemental tool for experienced coaches.” L. Miller, Athletic Director and Football Coach

“Your idea is great.  It seems that you’re intending something specific and to the point.  There has been helpful information on philosophy and organization of special teams, but always thin on strategy, tactics, and examples and nothing outside the box.”  T. Bomar, Football Coach

I think coaches would definitely be really interested in something like this, especially if you provide some highlights of do’s and don’ts on a powerpoint.”  – A. Ibarra, Football Coach

Coach Fore does an amazing job diagramming the basics of the return game as well as more difficult return options for more advanced teams that want to throw some different looks in the return game for your opponents. This is a must have for any level as there is something for all coaches that could be incorporated into your program. Well done Coach!!   – Coach Matthess, Varsity Special Teams Coordinator, Independence High School, Iowa