Shield Punt Live Clinic – Coming Soon – March 14

Few coaches in America love #specialteams more than Chris Fore!  Even fewer have produced as much material as he has.  Check out everything he has done here.

Nobody in the Nation has written more about the Shield Punt, has advised more teams on the Shield Punt, or taught more about the Shield Punt than Chris Fore.  He regularly consults high schools, colleges and even a CFL 2 team on the Shield Punt.

In 2016, his team allowed just SIX return yards on 40 punts.  SIX!!  One returner (who now plays on an FCS team) gained 5 yards, and another gained 1.  His team was just 3-7 that year, so they weren’t a loaded superpower!  But their punt team was amazing!

Since 2002, in 440 punt attempts (396 punts in high school level, 44 in JUCO), his teams have allowed just THREE blocked punts (’02, ’06, ’14) and ONE touchdown (’07) using the Shield Punt.

“Thanks to Coach Fore and his information on the Shield Punt, we have been able to bring a new concept to the Canadian Junior Football League. He has enabled us to simplify the system for the players and provide sound protection while concentrating on solid technique and speed getting downfield for coverage. This has changed our approach to punt where we no longer have to be as worried about our opponents schemes each week and can concentrate on what we do best as a punt team.” – Head Football Coach Scott MacAulay, Regina Thunder, Canada

Chris Fore will be doing a live Shield Punt Clinic via Zoom on Sunday March 14th at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST.
Audience participation is limited to the first 50 coaches who sign up so that we can have a small classroom setting feel!
An open ended Q/A about the Shield Punt will happen immediately following the clinic presentation.

A maximum of 50 coaches will be taught everything they need to know to install the Shield Punt. Fore takes coaches through start to finish, from the big picture concept to the first step to the first practice, common errors to fix, coaching assignments, blocking assignments, etc. etc. etc.

There are two options for coaches:

  1.  OPTION #1Clinic registration only = $19
  2.  OPTION #2 – Clinic registration + book + clinic powerpoint = $29   (Fore’s Shield Punt book and clinic powerpoint comes to you automatically after payment for you to download)


Here are two podcasts with Fore talking about the Shield Punt:

Joe Daniel’s Football Coaching Podcast – 6 Special Teams You Should Be Using: Chris Fore’s Shield Punt

Coaches Corner, Volume 80: Chris Fore, Shield Punt

The Shield Punt Book

Chris Fore started to use The Shield Punt in 2002. He literally wrote the book on it in 2017.

The Shield Punt Book features 19 chapters, practice plans for your first 5 days of installation, 28 instruction videos (30-65 seconds each), power point slides, pictures, 10 fakes, and much, much more!!!

The numbers speak for themselves!  Fore’s teams simply EXCEL at this system because of the wisdom and expertise he has learned over 14 seasons.

In this Shield Punt book, Fore shares everything that you need to know about the Shield Punt.  It is jam packed with information for any program looking to make their Shield Punt better, or looking to install it for the first time.  Fore breaks down every single thing you need: from how to use your coaches, to each step your players need to take, to your first practice plan, to giving you ten fakes, and talking through problem-solving.  No stone is left unturned in this tremendous resource!  This book also comes with more than 30 videos (via QR code) throughout so that you can learn even more about this system!