When the right job opened up for me, I looked for the best support person I could find to make sure I would get an interview. Chris was able to help me organize my resume and supported me in producing an infographic that got my foot in the door. Thanks Chris.” – Ian Shoemaker, Head Football Coach, Central Washington University (NCAA D2)

“I reached out to Coach Fore a few years ago for help with my resume. After playing in the NFL for 6 years I had no idea where to begin on a resume.  Coach Fore took the time to to help put my resume together, which helped me land an offensive coordinator position in high school.  He’s truly professional in the work he does and will take great pride in helping you get a coaching job.”  – NFL Veteran and Super Bowl Champion (Steelers) Carey Davis

 “I was asked to apply for a job at a high level NCAA program.  However, I had not touched my resume in years; I had no need to.  When I searched the internet for a professional at coaching resumes, I kept coming back to Chris Fore.  I was blown away at the product he produced for me, especially at that price point.  I’ve paid 2 and 3 times the amount for my resume to be done in the last 20 years, yet it was never done by someone with an athletic background.  This is exactly what proved to be the difference.”- Anonymous Junior College Head Football Coach

I wanted to thank you for your help in re-engineering my resume. I had never realized until you pointed it out to me how valuable it would be to have an Athletic Director, who has experience reviewing thousands of coaching resumes over years such as yourself, review mine and help me. You know what AD’s are looking for. My resume is much more attractive than I could have ever done by myself.”- Scott Osder, Assistant Baseball Coach, San Francisco State University (NCAA D1)

“Having built and refined my resume over the past 15 years, I was fairly confident that I was putting my best foot forward. After working with Coach Fore, however, I was blown away by how much I was actually leaving OFF my resume!  When I became a “free agent” in February, I had multiple interviews and a new job the following month. I’m confident that Coach Fore’s work with my resume helped me stand out from the rest of the pack.”   – Brian Sheehan, Recruiting Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach, Hamline University

“Thanks to your advice and help in creating my resume, I’ve been hired as a Head Girls Basketball Coach.   It took only 35 days from when you finalized my resume until the School Board approved my hiring!  Specifically, here’s why I know you played an important role in helping my resume get to the “top of the pile:” I had absolutely NO connection to anyone on the Search Committee.  My last “real” basketball coaching job was in college 18 yrs. ago; the skills and experience that I possess were so clearly laid out on my resume…it’s EXACTLY what they were looking for.   The A.D. told me she NEVER has had any coach present a “First 30 Days Plan” (which you suggested) to her in 20+ yrs. in athletics.   I think it truly is a great fit for both parties!”  – Jeff Pearson, Head Girls Basketball Coach, Westmont High School, Chicago, IL

“I put together my own resume a few years ago, in pursuit of a DFO position. Nothing at all has
occurred, as far as getting past human resources or to the interview process. That’s with experience and good references. I turned to Eight Laces and Chris Fore for help. He has turned my resume into a human resources dream with all my information on the first page, quick and easy to read, very informative. I can’t wait to send it out.  Thanks Chris!– Mark Matlock

 “It had been 10+ years since I even looked at my resume, and lo and behold it needed a huge ‘tune up’. I was applying for jobs this past winter and knew that I needed to upgrade and I sought out Coach Chris Fore as a resource to give my resume a major overhaul. I can say with confidence that Coach Fore had a huge part in my recent hire at Monrovia HS. He not only helped me revamp my resume, but gave it that ‘pop’ that most resumes do not have. Coach Fore took both my educational and coaching resume and rewired it to make it current and stand above the rest.  Coach Fore comes with my highest recommendation for any coach at any level looking to give their professional resume a face lift. If you want that edge going to your next interview, then contact Coach Fore and allow him help you get that next job.” – Chris A. Stevens, Head Football Coach, Chino Hills High School, Chino, CA

“Coach Fore’s resume building skills have helped me tremendously. In my previous 3 years of coaching I have been at schools that aren’t well known for football. With the help of his resume building I have attained a job this next year at a state championship contending program as the defensive line coach.” – Sergio Gonzalez, Texas

Coach Fore was very cordial and helpful throughout the entire process. He always responded to my emails within the day if not quicker, and was always there to give a helpful suggestion. While it hasn’t currently led me to a new position,  I got into this process late in the game, I believe that my resume will be easily updatable in the near future and I have Coach Fore to thank for it.”  – Tony Shiffman


Thanks Coach Fore for creating a new resume for me and I been getting a lot a calls for his professional resume service that I have not had before so I happy I’m getting attention back that I never got before.

Eric Henson


“Coach was vital is getting my vital information put in a clear and concise manner. He was open and honest about deficiencies he saw from an Administrative perspective; and, looked for other ways to expand my previous work. He was willing to take time and understand my goals and how he could help me get there. I was very appreciative of his concern to put the best possible product in front administrators. Lastly, anytime I had questions or concerns, he was very prompt in his response. When you spend money on something like this, it is great to know you get more than your money’s worth. THANK YOU, Coach Fore!”  – Tim Lovell, Head Football Coach, Marion Independent School District

“Coach Fore is professional, fast , and knowledgeable. The service he provides is simple and easy to understand but produces unbelievable results. One of the best investments I have made in my coaching career.”  J C Cotton, Fort Walton Beach

“Coach Fore has brought my resume to the next level. He made my good resume into unstoppable.” – James, Track and Field Coach

“I reached out to Chris as I was in need of updating my resume.  Chris was very professional about his opinions about what should be on the resume and what should not. He did a great job adding graphics to it and really highlighted things in my career that really stood out to those who would be viewing it.  I sent my resume to my current boss and a former boss and they both agreed that Chris dressed it up nicely and it made my qualifications stand out nicely.” – Brad LaPlante, OC at Hutto HS (Texas) and former Junior College Head Football Coach

“Coach Fore did an amazing job with my resume, he did an outstanding job making it pop off the page and highlighting each of my achievements.  One could use a resume service, but those services do not offer the personal experience, nor the field specific knowledge that Chris offers. Having the eyes and mind of an Athletic director upgrade your resume is as valuable as it gets!” – Jeremy Sarina, California

“The resume is 100% different than any resume sample/template I could have ever found on Google. Coach Fore took what I said in a few sentences and narrowed it all down to a few bullet points, thus, only putting the key material that will pop out to those involved in the hiring process.” – Annonymous, Florida

“Having the ability to have an AD critique my resume was a no-brainer for me.  I don’t have to worry if other coaches have a better looking resume now.”  – Eric Mach, Texas

“This manual is everything I was looking for, and them some. Coach Fore’s manual contains literally everything you will need to run a successful football program, and lead your student-athletes to success. You can name pretty much any type of document, and it is likely in this manual. Best money ever spent.” – George Harvey, Florida

“I sent in my resume to two schools and got responses from both schools, 1 within an hour and the other on the same day.  I couldn’t be more happy with the job you did for me.” – Jared Brookman

“If you want a resume that is going to stand out among the competition, Chris Fore is the guy to help!  Before consulting with Chris, my resume didn’t portray all the accomplishments that i had done.  He helped me organize and highlight the main points to grab the reader’s attention.  Thanks to Chris, I landed the job that I wanted.” Derrick Minor, Head Football Coach, Rockingham County High School

“After working with Coach Fore, I realized how dull and generic my resume was. Words can’t describe the difference he makes in contacting him and having him give you a different aspect to consider. My only regret is I didn’t do this from the start!”  – Phillip Puentes, Head Football Coach, Ygnacio Valley High School, California

“Coach I just wanted to give you an update on my status.  I interviewed for a Head Coach position last Saturday and received a call Monday and had a second interview on the spot.  This afternoon I was offered the HC position.  Thank you very much for your help. It really prepared me to wow the interview committee. They were very impressed with the interview. ” – Anonymous Coach, Virginia

“Just wanted to thank you for the website and all the information that you provide there. I was able to get my very first head coaching job thanks in large part to you and the site. I appreciate the hard work you put in to make our job as coaches easier.”  – Charlie Porterfield, Kettle Run High School, Virginia

“Coach Fore,   I am extremely pleased with my resume and cover letter and strongly feel you have made me much more competitive for the position than I was on my own.  I want to thank you so much for all your help and guidance. The work you do for our profession is incredible. I hope to have some good news about an interview for you soon!  Thanks again!”         –  Anonymous Coach from California

“Just wanted to send to an email saying thank you for all the help with my resume. I had been applying for a few head coaching job with no luck.So I applied for a college just to see what would happen, not expecting anything to come off. Then after two weeks I get a phone call one night from the college Head Coach asking me to come down for an interview, then after another week I get a phone call from the Head Coach telling me I got the job. I truly believe that my new and improved resume that you helped me with allowed me to stand out and land an interview. Thanks again coach for all your help not only with me but with all you do for so many coaches around the U.S.” – William Lindamood, Reinhardt University, Defensive Backs Coach

“Having the ability to have an AD critique my resume was ano-brainer for me.  I don’t have to worry if other coaches have a better looking resume now.” – Eric Mach, Texas

“It’s probably not every day that Coach Fore is asked to do a coaching resume for someone yet to graduate high school; however, Coach Fore was very professional and helpful in creating me a fantastic looking coaching resume for me to send off in hopes of getting more experience on my resume, as well as to continue my new-found love – coaching. The resume is 100% different than any resume sample/template I could have ever found on Google. Coach Fore took what I said in a few sentences and narrowed it all down to a few bullet points, thus, only putting the key material that will pop out to those involved in the hiring process.” – George Harvey, Florida

“For years, I have been trying to find someone with an athletic background to help me rewrite and improve on my resume. I finally found that person in Coach Fore. He was able to transform my resume and highlight my abilities as a coach. I look forward to sending it out. He truly has a passion for coaching and especially helping coaches improve themselves and their programs! Thanks Coach Fore!” – James Hardy, Antelope Valley College


When turning to someone for advice regarding coaching jobs, you want someone who has been there, done that, AND hired them. Chris Fore is THAT guy. His book provides a wealth of information that is applicable for coaches at all levels. Kudos to Mr. Fore for his willingness to share his knowledge and making coaches better.” – Jake Langi, Texas State University Football

“An Insider’s Guide To Scoring Your Next Coaching Job” has a great perspective and Coach Fore uses his own experiences from both the coaching side and A.D. side to communicate what Athletic Directors look for. I learn many new principles with every chapter that I’ve read, and I’m sure that no matter what level of coaching you’re in, it’s a great read to help map out the job-hunt and selection process.” – Jordan Fells, Ohio

“I got this book I little while ago. If you are a coach trying to get a head coaching job like I am I highly recommend getting this book. I enjoyed the easy step by step way the interview process was discussed and the must have information to add to your application materials! Good stuff!!!”  – Coach Bellinger