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Chris Fore’s Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs should be on the bookshelf of everyone interested in high school football. It is for coaches, parents and fans at all levels. The content is an instant classic. It is insightful, poignant, humorous, thought provoking as well as a guide to success that transcends sport.
Harry Welch 3x California State Champion Head Football Coach, Head Football Coach, Santa Margarita Catholic High School http://www.smhs.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=151089&type=d&pREC_ID=288104
Chris Fore’s BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP-CALIBER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS should be a “Must Read” for every coach who is either coaching at the present time or thinking about getting into the profession.  Whether you are coaching at the NFL level or any level below you will take something from this book that will help develop the physical and mental aspects of the game of football with your players.  Not only does it cover a wide range of physical and mental tools we like to teach our players, but it also tackles the trust and confidence aspects that we are all trying to develop in winning football teams.  Well done!!
John DeFilippo NFL Veteran Coach and Oakland Raiders Quarterback's Coach
Coach Chris Fore is one of the best in the coaching business at passing along football-coaching knowledge to his coaching brethren. In putting this book together, Fore scoured the country for valuable input from over 100 STATE CHAMPION football coaches. He does a masterful job of blending high-level coaching concepts and time-tested football strategies into an easy-to-follow, digestible format that football coaches from all levels will be able to apply to their own football programs. This book is fully loaded with championship ideas that will help your team win more games!
Mike Podoll Editor-In-Chief, This Is AFCA Football-Coaching Magazine & FootballCoachDaily.com http://www.footballcoachdaily.com/
This book is well researched and is a must for every coach’s library.  All coaches, regardless of their experience, can gain from its contents.  Leadership Lessons for Building Championship-Caliber Football Programs gives the reader the insight to build a championship team at any level of football.
Dan Dodd 26 year NCAA Football Coach (TCU, New Mexico, Tulane, Utah State, Western Illinois) http://www.tulanegreenwave.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/dodd_dan00.html
Coach Fore did his homework in putting together one of the more comprehensive studies on the “how” behind winning championships as a high school football coach.  He surveyed the top programs in the country and asked all the right questions to find out what it took to obtain the “holy grail” of the coaching community- winning the State Championship. So whether you’re a first year coach, or an seasoned veteran, the contents of this book will start to lead you in the path of obtaining multiple championships.
Mike Kuchar Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs http://www.xandolabs.com

Meet Chris Fore

Chris Fore is a veteran Athletic Director and Head Football Coach from Southern California who specializes in the hiring process among the highly competitive athletic world. His consulting business, EightLaces, has been instrumental in helping coaches navigate the employment process. He counts former NFL players, collegiate coaches at all levels, and high school coaches from all sports as his clients. (One client landed a NCAA Division 2 Head Football Coach position this offseason!).

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